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Cinematica Videodance Competition 2024

We are happy to open our Call for artists 2024!!

The XI edition (31 October-3 November 2024 / Ancona-IT) will be dedicated to explore the tragicomic side of life, the ironic, funny, but also grotesque side of human behaviour and events. Our inspirational muse for 2024 is German Dancer and actress Valeska Gert. We will be influenced by slapstick, silent films, funnies, surreal films. We await videodance projects, in any form or language, that push the borders of motion image through dance. We accept also animation, short films and 360° films with strong focus on any kind of movement, human and metahuman. On this theme, expressed with the utmost freedom, we collect artistic proposals for the 2024 edition of the Festival.


Artists of all ages and nationalities (including artists associated) in the different sections indicated below with a resume assets of at least three years of professional experience (post training).


Quality Jury Prize (1000€)

Public Prize (300€)

Organization Prize (200€)



” Nell’anima nessuno comanda. Lei resta dove si incanta. “

Fernando Pessoa